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At East West Karate, we honor and uphold the timeless traditions and values that have been passed down through generations. Our dedicated instructors are passionate about instilling essential qualities such as discipline, respect, and perseverance, which are integral for personal growth and achieving success in life. Through our comprehensive programs, individuals of all ages and skill levels have the opportunity to cultivate strong self-defense techniques, enhance their fitness, and develop mental resilience.

Building Success for over 40 years

We are proud to share our long time students accomplishments: Engineers, Architect, Police Officers, Doctors, Nurse Practioners, Lifetime Military Professionals, Highly Successful Business Owners, Top Equine Competitors, Attorneys, and most now cultivating beautiful families of their own!

Together we will cultivate these attributes for you and your family!

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Values & Benefits of participation in our Karate Programs at East West Karate & Fitness

Focus · Self Esteem · Self-Discipline · Agility · Exercise · Self Defense · Stress Reduction · Respect · Confidence · Listening Skills · Group Participation Skills · Leadership Skills

What We’re OfferingWhat We’re OfferingWhat We’re Offering

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Established in 1989, East West Karate and Fitness is a renowned martial arts school and gym in Sparta Township, New Jersey. Our esteemed instructors nurture essential qualities like discipline, respect, and perseverance in individuals of all ages and skill levels. Through our comprehensive karate and programs, we empower our students to cultivate self-defense techniques, enhance fitness, and develop unwavering mental resilience while boosting self confidence. At East West Karate and Fitness, we foster a supportive environment where individuals can reach their full potential through the practice of traditional karate. Embark on your martial arts journey with East West Karate Academy and unlock your true potential today.

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About Our Students

“My husband served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War era and was stationed for part of his time abroad on Okinawa. It was there that he studied Isshinryu Karate under the tutelage of the founding master himself, Tatsuo Shimabuku. When we lived in Randolph, our 3 children studied Karate at an Isshinryu Dojo in Rockaway under a trainer named Scott Klinger who went on to become the Sensei of East West Karate. The instructors are all competent and caring, and my grandson has enjoyed the martial arts experience that they provide. He has not only benefitted from learning the techniques the students are taught but has also widened his already expansive circle of friends in the process.”

Carol Tacinelli (Noah Fall’s Grandmother)

Congrats to all who participated in the Golden Rule Tournament, we are so proud of your ability and your great sportsmanship!

Stuart Askin 1st weapons 4th kata.

Jonas Fuderanan 1st weapons 1st kata 3rd kumite.

Aiding Hickey 4th weapons 2nd kata.

Cooper Romash 4th kata.

Paisley Tallent 1st kata 4th kumite.

Xavier Downs 3rd kata.

Gwenn Gibbons 1st kumite 2nd kata.

Jonas Fuderanan1st kata 1st weapons.

Zach Fuderanan 2nd weapons 1st kata 3rd kumite.

Zach Fuderanan Grand Champion Kata.

Liam Askin 3rd weapons 2nd kata 4th kumite.

Stuart Askin 1st kata 4th kumite.

Ryan Beebe 1st weapons 1st kata.

Edreece Sharafi 1st kumite.

Tom Askin 3rd kumite.

Riley Byrne 1st kata 2nd kumite.

Ayla Ponce 2nd kumite

Grant Weir 3rd place kata

A trophy will be soon forgotten, the experience you earned will last a lifetime… use it well!

East West Winter Shiai

East West Karate and Fitness of Sparta held its annual Winter Shiai Competition on December 2nd.   New owners and advanced black belts Sensei Jim Malaro and Sensei Joe Malaro led the program that hosted over 50 students ranging in age from 4 to 66.  East West Founder and Sensei to the Malaro’s, Shihan Scott Klinger was a special guest, the Malaro family is proud to be continuing the legacy of this program here in Sussex County.  

The event focused on “Kata” also knows as the traditional forms used in Isshinryu Karate and on Kumite(sparring), student performance was outstanding!

Many students were promoted to their next rank level, received competition awards, and yearly performance recognition awards.  The event was a complete success

 East West Karate & Fitness offers classes for all ages and skill levels, and is located at 564 Lafayette Road, Sparta. For more information please contact 973-459-4177.  You can also visit www.eastwestkaf.com