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East West Karate and Fitness

564 Lafayette Road Sparta NJ (Route 15 Behind Dunkin Donuts)

Our programs instill self-discipline in students by emphasizing respect, responsibility, and goal setting within a structured environment. Values & Benefits of participation in our Karate Programs: Focus · Self Esteem · Self-Discipline · Agility · Exercise · Self Defense · Stress Reduction · Respect · Confidence · Listening Skills · Group Participation Skills · Leadership Skills, Pride, Competitive Edge.

Choose any class the week of March 18th to 23rd, 2024


Tiny Tigers (ages 4 & 5) at 5:30pm     
Little Dragons (ages 6 & 7) at 6:00pm
Children (ages 8-12) at 6:30pm
Teen & Adult (ages 13+) at 7:15pm


Little Dragons (ages 6 & 7) at 6:00pm
Children (ages 8-12) at 6:30pm
Teen & Adult (ages 13+) at 7:15pm


Tiny Tigers (ages 4 & 5) at 5:30pm
Little Dragons (ages 6 & 7) at 6:00pm
Children (ages 8-12) at 6:30pm
Teen & Adult (ages 13+) at 7:15pm


Little Dragons & Children (ages 6-12) at 9:00am
Kumite Class (ages 8+) at 10:00am
Weapons Class (all ages) at 11am

Special Offer: for all Full Program Signups during that week only we will waive your registration fee ($100 value)

www.eastwestkaf.com    973.459.4177

e-mail: info@eastwestkaf.com

East West Winter Shiai

East West Karate and Fitness of Sparta held its annual Winter Shiai Competition on December 2nd.   New owners and advanced black belts Sensei Jim Malaro and Sensei Joe Malaro led the program that hosted over 50 students ranging in age from 4 to 66.  East West Founder and Sensei to the Malaro’s, Shihan Scott Klinger was a special guest, the Malaro family is proud to be continuing the legacy of this program here in Sussex County.  

The event focused on “Kata” also knows as the traditional forms used in Isshinryu Karate and on Kumite(sparring), student performance was outstanding!

Many students were promoted to their next rank level, received competition awards, and yearly performance recognition awards.  The event was a complete success

 East West Karate & Fitness offers classes for all ages and skill levels, and is located at 564 Lafayette Road, Sparta. For more information please contact 973-459-4177.  You can also visit www.eastwestkaf.com

A Great Family Excels at East West Karate & Fitness!

We have our 3 daughters enrolled at East West and there is nowhere else we would rather have them learning. It starts at the top and THIS FAMILY GETS IT, and they care, they teach the important things in life that are sometimes forgotten about outside the dojo. As long as they are here, we will be. We’re looking forward to watching our girls learn and progress over the years! The Vorst Family


Cole-Hard work always pays off.

Two years ago-you received your blue belt promotion in karate.

One year ago-tears for not being ready while your peers were and moved on.

Tonight-nothing but MORE tears… but this time happy ones, as you received your purple belt promotion.

Cole, you were on the verge of giving up so many times. But you never did. You kept going. You Pushed through. Which makes this belt promotion, the best one yet. Mama couldn’t be prouder of you kiddo ❤️

A huge thank you to Jeff Beebe for being his rock.

Sensie Jim and Sensie Joe for believing in him. Scott Klinger for all you’ve done over the years. Spotted Leopard for always being honest. And a friend.

Amy Lynn Alvarez Dolan for bringing out the sap in me 🤣.

Congratulations buddy! My busted foot prevented you from jumping in my arms tonight. But I’ll be ready to catch you when you get your brown belt! 🥋

East West Karate Academy Friends and Students