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About Our Students

“My husband served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War era and was stationed for part of his time abroad on Okinawa. It was there that he studied Isshinryu Karate under the tutelage of the founding master himself, Tatsuo Shimabuku. When we lived in Randolph, our 3 children studied Karate at an Isshinryu Dojo in Rockaway under a trainer named Scott Klinger who went on to become the Sensei of East West Karate. The instructors are all competent and caring, and my grandson has enjoyed the martial arts experience that they provide. He has not only benefitted from learning the techniques the students are taught but has also widened his already expansive circle of friends in the process.”

Carol Tacinelli (Noah Fall’s Grandmother)

Happy Parents/Happy Students

“We have been part of the East West Karate family since 2015. The black belts are knowledgeable, attentive, caring and supportive. They personally know all of the students. They have a clear understanding of individuals strengths and opportunities for growth. The interaction of higher belt ranks and lower belt rank students within classes creates a supportive environment. We enjoy being present as fellow classmates make progress and advance. Our children are excited to continue their training with Sensei Jim and Sensei Joe at East West Karate and Fitness.”

The Dolan Family

Meet Sensei Joe and Sensei Jim!

Owners & Head Instructors at East West Karate & Fitness. Our Sensei’s have been training under the expertise of Shihan Scott Klinger since childhood.  In addition to their own personal training they both have completed extensive instructor training, starting in the SWAT program at a young age, and advancing into the FIST program and on to FULL GRADE INSTRUCTOR many years ago. They have amassed several accolades in Karate competition including AAU, as well as many local competitions, and are well respected in the martial arts community. Located in Sparta Township, the academy is renowned for its traditional teaching of Isshinryu Karate and Okinawan weapons.

Under Klinger’s expert leadership, the academy has grown into a respected institution where students transform their physical strength, mental fortitude, and self-discipline through the art of karate.
In 2014, Klinger’s outstanding contributions to the field were recognized when he received the prestigious Dojo of the Year award from the Isshinryu Hall of Fame. This honor served as a testament to his commitment to maintaining a high standard of training and fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all his students.