East West Karate and Fitness


“We would like to take a moment to congratulate the Malaro Family on taking over and starting East West Karate and Fitness!!!!  We are excited to continue to train with all the black belts we have come to respect over Connor and Hailey’s years of training at East West.”

– Amy D.

Our son started at East West Karate two summers ago when he was five years old and the amount of growth he’s experienced within that time surpasses all of our expectations.

-Jana and Arik Cohen

“I joined karate with a “Mother’s Day special” when my daughter was 8 years old after she had been going to East West for a few years. It was an excellent decision—karate at East West developed self-confidence and discipline along with a lifelong appreciation of fitness for both of us –and we have great memories to share!”

-Annemarie Schlomann San Dan (third level Black Belt)
-Missy Schlomann Sho Dan (first level Black Belt)

“Martial Arts at East West Karate has helped with my family bonding and sharing family spirit together, as well as healthy competition and physical and mental confidence. We all work together to reach our common goals, which is highly rewarding as a family!”

-Mrs. Lorie Zonca Ni Dan (second level Black Belt)
-Mr. William Zonca Ni Dan
-Sal Zonca (Ik Kyu)
-Julia Zonca (Ni Kyu)

“East West Karate and Fitness has brought our family closer together in ways I could never have imagined”

– Barbara M.

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