East West Karate and Fitness


Congrats to all who participated in the Golden Rule Tournament, we are so proud of your ability and your great sportsmanship!

Stuart Askin 1st weapons 4th kata.

Jonas Fuderanan 1st weapons 1st kata 3rd kumite.

Aiding Hickey 4th weapons 2nd kata.

Cooper Romash 4th kata.

Paisley Tallent 1st kata 4th kumite.

Xavier Downs 3rd kata.

Gwenn Gibbons 1st kumite 2nd kata.

Jonas Fuderanan1st kata 1st weapons.

Zach Fuderanan 2nd weapons 1st kata 3rd kumite.

Zach Fuderanan Grand Champion Kata.

Liam Askin 3rd weapons 2nd kata 4th kumite.

Stuart Askin 1st kata 4th kumite.

Ryan Beebe 1st weapons 1st kata.

Edreece Sharafi 1st kumite.

Tom Askin 3rd kumite.

Riley Byrne 1st kata 2nd kumite.

Ayla Ponce 2nd kumite

Grant Weir 3rd place kata

A trophy will be soon forgotten, the experience you earned will last a lifetime… use it well!