East West Karate and Fitness


Happy Parents/Happy Students

“We have been part of the East West Karate family since 2015. The black belts are knowledgeable, attentive, caring and supportive. They personally know all of the students. They have a clear understanding of individuals strengths and opportunities for growth. The interaction of higher belt ranks and lower belt rank students within classes creates a supportive environment. We enjoy being present as fellow classmates make progress and advance. Our children are excited to continue their training with Sensei Jim and Sensei Joe at East West Karate and Fitness.”

The Dolan Family

A Great Family Excels at East West Karate & Fitness!

We have our 3 daughters enrolled at East West and there is nowhere else we would rather have them learning. It starts at the top and THIS FAMILY GETS IT, and they care, they teach the important things in life that are sometimes forgotten about outside the dojo. As long as they are here, we will be. We’re looking forward to watching our girls learn and progress over the years! The Vorst Family


Cole-Hard work always pays off.

Two years ago-you received your blue belt promotion in karate.

One year ago-tears for not being ready while your peers were and moved on.

Tonight-nothing but MORE tears… but this time happy ones, as you received your purple belt promotion.

Cole, you were on the verge of giving up so many times. But you never did. You kept going. You Pushed through. Which makes this belt promotion, the best one yet. Mama couldn’t be prouder of you kiddo ❤️

A huge thank you to Jeff Beebe for being his rock.

Sensie Jim and Sensie Joe for believing in him. Scott Klinger for all you’ve done over the years. Spotted Leopard for always being honest. And a friend.

Amy Lynn Alvarez Dolan for bringing out the sap in me 🤣.

Congratulations buddy! My busted foot prevented you from jumping in my arms tonight. But I’ll be ready to catch you when you get your brown belt! 🥋

East West Karate Academy Friends and Students